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The Feminist Romantic

The Feminist Romantic podcast is hosted by Cara McKinnon, author of the Fay of Skye fantasy romance series. Cara talks about books, writing, romance, and misc pop culture/media from a feminist/sex positive/diversity encouraging point of view.

Sep 29, 2017

On this episode of The Feminist Romantic, Cara McKinnon responds to the Washington Post PostEverything article "We Need to Talk About Princess Leia, PhD" (Link:

For fun, here is a link to a page gathering some reaction tweets to the news that Leia has a PhD:

Apologies for the sound quality this episode, and all of the flubs, sniffs, coughs, and awkward pauses while I tried not to cough. Normally, I would edit and re-record, but my voice was really failing by the end of even fifteen minutes, so I left them in this time.

For the next episode, I will be talking about series romances, contrasting series that follow a single romantic couple with those that take place in the same world but follow a different couple in each book. If you have any series to recommend, especially ones that follow the same couple, email me at or leave a comment on my blog at